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Welcome to ReNew Life Clinic, located in beautiful Clearwater, Florida!

We specialize in colon-hydrotherapy (colonic). We also offer many types of massage therapy treatments.  For a complete list of our services, please refer to our Services web page.


What is a colonic or colon-hydrotherapy you may ask? A colonic is much like an enema, the difference being a colonic can actually clean the entire large intestine. An enema is generally for cleaning only the rectum and sigmoid area. An enema can give some relief but a colonic is much more effective.


Not only is colon-hydrotherapy used for cleaning of the colon, but also toning the colon to improve peristalsis. This toning helps reshape the colon that may be distorted.  For more information on colon- hydrotherapy, please check out our Q & A page.


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"Everybody Sleeps, Breathes and Eats.  And Everybody eliminates daily . . . Hopefully" 


If you are not doing each of these every single day, there may be something wrong.


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