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Welcome to ReNew Life Clinic, located in beautiful Clearwater, Florida!


I recently moved from my downtown Clearwater location, and joined  with an established group of amazing Natural Health Care Professionals.  You will be able to receive the full service health tune up in one place. Get your colonic, chiropractic adjustment, massage or a facial all in one place.

We specialize in colon-hydrotherapy (colonic). In addition, we also offer many types of massage therapy treatments.  For a complete list of our services, please refer to our Services web page.


What is a colonic or colon-hydrotherapy you may ask? A colonic is much like an enema, the difference being a colonic can actually clean the entire large intestine. An enema is generally for cleaning only the rectum and sigmoid area. An enema can give some relief but a colonic is noticeably more effective.


Not only is colon-hydrotherapy used for cleaning of the colon, but also toning the colon to improve peristalsis. This toning helps reshape the colon that may be distorted.  For more information on colon- hydrotherapy, please check out our Q & A page.


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"Everybody Sleeps, Everybody Breathes, Everybody Eats, & Everybody eliminates daily . . . Hopefully" 


If you are not doing each of these every single day, there may be something wrong!



 24 Hour Cancellation Policy

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