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Questions & Answers

1. What is Colon Hydrotherapy and why do we need it?

Colon Therapy is a way to clean the colon (large intestine) of accumulated fecal matter, mucus, harmful toxins, as well as bacteria from the bowel.  The colon is a muscle and Colon Therapy helps to stimulate and exercise this muscle.  If not stimulated and exercised, muscles becomes sluggish and not work at an optimum level.  You should eliminate after every meal, otherwise your colon is not working efficiently and you become constipated.  Toxins and waste remaining too long in the intestines feed harmful bacteria, causing putrefaction and fermentation, which can cause symptoms such as gas, bloating, headaches, fatigue, and skin problems.  These poisons can also be reabsorbed into the system and cause autointoxification (self-poisoning) which can lead to more serious health problems.


2. Does Colon Therapy wash out the good bacteria in the colon?


Yes, Colon Therapy will cleanse the good and bad bacteria from the bowel --- as does a regular bowel movement. Since we are cleansing large amounts of toxins and putrefied matter from the bowel, the environment to re-establish the good bacteria is much better.  We have probiotics (good bacteria) available for purchase.


3. Who can benefit from Colon Therapy?


Nearly Everyone!  The colon is one of five eliminative organs in the body. Colon Therapy is an excellent way of eliminating toxins from the body. The less toxins we have in the body, the healthier we will be and as our immune systems as well.


4. Will Colon Therapy cause my bowel not to eliminate on its own?


Absolutely not!  Because Colon Therapy exercises the colon creating better peristalsis (muscle contraction) it will actually help it to function and eliminate much better.


5. Will I experience any side effects?


Most clients feel much lighter and more energetic and rarely may temporarily experience slight headache or fatigue. 


6. What is the procedure for Colon Therapy?


The procedure is very simple. You will fill out a health questionnaire at the time of your first appointment.  You will receive your colonic in a comfortable, private room with a private restroom.  You will have a gown on and will be covered at all times.  The procedure is very safe.  We use disposable tubing and state-of-the-art equipment that is sterilized after each session.  Warm filtered water is slowly introduced into the colon at a safe and minimal pressure, and then released.  Water and waste exits through the tubing and is totally enclosed in the tubing. And at the end -- you feel wonderful! 








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